Merchandising (formerly known as staging) Tips and Tricks

Using pops of colors on a dime

Getting your home ready to put on the market is no f-ing fun for anyone. Neither the OCD neat freak nor the hoarder enjoy the process. The thought of a home invasion by {judgy} strangers in the form of Realtors and Buyers sends even the resilient into full on freak out mode. 

Recently I gave a long, pre-listing to-do list to a client who also happens to be a close friend, and I got super sensitive to her stress level thinking she was mad at me before I remembered selling and moving just SUCKS! 

I remind people they are going to have to move everything anyway, but once they’ve achieved the first two steps of merchandising, decluttering and organization, they feel their home looks sparse. If a home is professionally cleaned and there is minimal furniture, I can make it look awesome with fruit and flora. On my way to my last listing appointment I stopped to get lemons (any citrus fruit will do, but this home needed bright colors), green apples, and flowers. Place fruit and flowers in simple white or clear bowls or vases, and place them evenly around the space to add color and breathe life and freshness into dull space.  If you find a spot in front of a mirror – you get even more bang for your buck with the reflection of color.


Also spread out some nice magazines for additional color, this owner had Charleston Magazine and another publication from her home town I used. Stay away from anything too personal, sport team magazines, hunting magazines, anything political like “Trump Today” you get it. Haters gon hate, but don’t let them hate on yo crib for unnecessary reasons. All of those things evoke emotion. 


Last, I re-arranged a few things and moved this plant to the end table to mimic the color of the bowl of apples on the blue chest. You can also use mirrors and art like the owners personal pieces in the pictures above. Add toss pillows and throw blankets if you still feel drowsy looking around. 


So what is the result aside from the pic below? How bout an agent calling me after the first showing to tell me he’s writing an offer!

1417 Bimini Charleston SC-small-007-23-MG 6651HDR-666x444-72dpi

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