Our Culture

We approach our practice with an attitude of gratitude. Fortunate enough to live in the best city in the world, we lend our experience and knowledge to foster the growth of a better community by putting good people in the right places.

Smith Spencer provides the highest possible level of client service, built on a foundation of transparency, trust, and excellence, which ultimately leads to long-term friendships.

Our Story

Veteran Realtor Stacy Smith instantly saw talent in former high school and college friend, Erin Spencer, at her former firm. Erin relieved Stacy’s team of unnecessary work, took careful control of company accounting and finances and became a leader, advising the firm’s principals in all business decisions.

When the time came for Stacy’s vision of starting a non-traditional Brokerage for creative, independent thinkers to become a reality, Erin was the obvious co-pilot.  Trust, respect, and open communication are the core values of their partnership and team.