What's Trending: Old is the New Rich

Applicable to both man-hunting and Real Estate these days, old has become alluring again. Be sure to ask these questions before diving into a historic renovation so you’re confident in knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold em’. (AND when to walk away and when to run).

Does this wad of money in my pocket make my a$$ look big? 

The bigger the better my friend. Historic homes require deeeeep pockets. Not only do the guidelines you’ll be required to follow force you into unanticipated expenses, but routine maintenance of the structure and systems such as roofs, electrical and plumbing, can be downright nauseating. Top that off with premiums for insurance and utilities, and the inevitable unforeseen expenses involved with renovations, and we haven’t even started with the things you want to do to make it look pretty!

When was the last time I was complimented on my patience?

Time to become Zen my friend and channel your inner Buddha. Your project is going to take off like a herd of turtles. There are permits, special permits, and extra special permits aimed at protecting the historic, architectural, cultural or visual character of the property and neighborhood.  Most BARs have very strict guidelines and they are going to want to know EXACTLY what you are doing in there. Oh, and they have spies everywhere….

Has anyone seen my sunny disposition?

We didn’t mean to take your sucker and throw it in the dirt –  we just come from a school of full disclosure. Better to know now! Go ahead and getcha two piña coladas – you’ll want one for each hand.


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