The Value of Hiring a Great Listing Agent

Real Estate agents are a dime a dozen, so how can you be sure you are in the hands of a real pro? The best in the business are confident, ask questions, know their clients, listen well, will keep you on track to meet your goal, have an excellent network, and are negotiating ninjas. Their ultimate goal? To create a long-term professional relationship with you, and a lifetime friendship.

They exude cool, comfortable confidence. Experienced pros not only know the market, but they have seen it all so it’s tough to rattle them. They can handle hurdles, meltdowns and jackasses like it’s their job – because it is.

They are an excellent listener who asks the right questions. Selling a home is about you, your motivation, your goals, your values. It is never about the agent, so if you interview someone that’s just tootin’ their own horn – they are either unsure of themselves or far too self interested to see you as a friend versus a sale and a paycheck. What is important to you is all that should matter to them. Do you want the most money you can get, or is it more important to close quickly? What are three reasons you need to sell and why are they important to you? If your chosen Real Estate professional doesn’t know why you are hiring them, consider that a red flag.

They aren’t afraid to call you on your bluff. At the forefront of their mind is what’s most important to you. You said earlier that it was imperative that you’d be able to rent back until you close on your next purchase but we presented you two offers: #1 is $3k less than asking price and will let you rent back as long as you need to. #2 is full asking price but you have to be out in a month, and you’re telling me you want to accept #2. It’s easy to get gold in your eyes and take that extra $3k until we remind you that you’ll have to rent something with a long-term lease, pay movers not once but twice, pay to store furniture, and probably settle for a new house you’re not in love with because you’re pressed for time. We’re gonna make you think long and hard about how far that $3k is really going to take you.

They have an excellent network. Because of this they can always connect you to the right experts. If you’re selling for the first time you may not realize how many people have a role in getting a deal closed. An inadequate photographer can kill your marketing, an inexperienced handyman can double your repair costs, and the wrong closing attorney can set you up for surprises. It takes a village y’all!

They are seasoned negotiators who know how to play well with others. Whether you have another pro or a rookie on the other side, they are able to deal with everyone, and know how to problem solve to get to the ultimate goal of closing. Know that they are also negotiating with YOU. Chances are you’ve looked online to get an idea of what your house is worth before listing. Online estimates can be off by as much as 35% – any agent that allows you to list at a price that is that far off of what you can realistically get is as crooked as a country lawyer. A good agent with experience in the market will not set you up to fail and you will take their advice seriously.

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