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Sellers: Time's A Wastin'

2017 has been a record-setting year for the Charleston Real Estate market (nothing draws a crowd like a crowd!) We are up in transactions and median sales price over last year even though we’ve been struggling with low inventory. What this means is that prices are great, Buyers are buying, and there is nothing on the market except for stale or overpriced listings.

If you are considering selling, why wouldn’t you want the assurance that you can sell for a good price in a healthy market? Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the market shifts and we land in a Buyer’s market. I made a mistake once. It is not my favorite memory. But hey, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

Why you should consider selling now:

  1. Can’t swing a dead cat without hittin’ a Buyer. If you list your home for sale close to market value, you will sell it within 60-90 days is most areas and if you are anything like our last two listings, we’ll even sell it for you before it hits the market! Buyers are starving for new listings since they’ve seen everything for sale.
  2. Sales prices are still increasing. Don’t get too big for your britches now, we’re not in line with the Hills of Beverly but selling high is still the name of the game – for the time being!
  3. You have no competition. Down, down, down, inventory is way down! When Buyers have less to choose from, your home has a greater chance of becoming a big fish in a small pond.
  4. You have Charleston’s Dream Team reporting for duty. Check out our testimonials – ask us for references; all of our clients would be happy to share their experiences using Smith Spencer to guide them through the pluff mud that is Charleston Real Estate. Having a trusted consultant at your side will help you gain confidence and clarity surrounding your decisions, even if that means that now isn’t the best time for you to sell. You are #1, a future chest-bangin’ champion of Charleston Real Estate, and we will lead you to victory in the form of making the best moves. 
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