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Eight Reasons Retiring in Charleston is Just Brilliant

Everybody has their sanctuary. The unemployed have Starbucks, politicians have strip clubs, and Italian-Americans have tanning beds. Well you, our soon-to-be retired friend, have Charleston, South Carolina!


1.     Plenty o’ sunshine. All Gods’ children love sunshine.

2.     You can get Shrimp & Grits every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

3.     Tennis courts and golf courses galore.

4.     Meat-flavored vegetables.

5.     You will have a plethora of day-drinking buddies.

6.     The coldest we get is chilly.

7.     Porch swings and sweet tea. That’s the American dream, right?

8.     Nobody will blow their horn at you because none of us are in a hurry. Ever.


Because somebody’s got to wear socks and high-tops to the beach and it isn’t going to be us. 

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