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Don't Be a Flo' Hoe...Commit to Laying Just One

Flooring Mistakes Homeowners Make Without Resale in Mind

When it comes to making changes to the floors in your home don’t forget to consider what will appeal to potential Buyers in the future. Save yourself from being stomped on by a Buyer by avoiding these missteps that will trip you up before reaching your ideal bottom line. 

Using two different hardwoods

A very common shortcut seen when renovating, frequently when there is old carpet with no hardwoods underneath. Guess what? Everyone can tell the floors don’t match. You ain’t foolin’ no one but yo’self. Either start over and make it all the same or don’t do it at all.   


Buyer think you’s a cheap ass mofo!

Installing different carpets in adjacent rooms

Clearly you have been smoking in the car with the windows rolled up. Please stop.


This makes us ashamed to be human beings.


Laying tile throughout the house

Just because something is on clearance does not mean you should buy it and put it all over the place. Tile belongs only in kitchens and bathrooms unless you live in the islands. And if you do well then please pass the dutchie.


No one likes this.  

Doing something trendy

It’s going to go over like a fart in church – regret may not sink in immediately, but just remember what you wore to prom, oh and your hairdo for that lil shindig:


You cannot be trusted with of the moment fashions! If you really feel the need to channel your inner {virgin} decorator, just make sure someone else can fix it at a reasonable cost; i.e. it involves a hardwood that can be refinished. 


Not factoring in the effects of your environment

Have pets? Pine is a soft wood so it’s prone to scratches and dents. Get a lot of natural light? Pine can also fade a good bit in areas directly hit by the sun. #dontpineoverit #whenindoubtoakitout


Oy vey.

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