Calling All Charleston Wannabes

So you got all peanut butter and jealous when your friends from down the street actually did pick up and move to put roots down in Charleston – turns out some people are good at following through on plans they make while drinking. And now you, post code envy in tow, are runnin’ like a scalded dog to make it happen too. You spend every free moment on the interwebs trying to gather every last little nugget you can on anything to do with the Charleston area. You my friend are what we call DRIP: data rich, information poor. Shed all that superfluous data and focus on the meat and potatoes:

DON’T get stuck in an analysis paralysis by obsessing over what websites say about certain neighborhoods – they are a one size fits no one. The best thing you can do is to drive through them yourselves, get into the homes (with a Realtor of course), and feel it out in person. If you want to get a quick and witty summary of each borough, check this out as a starting point. 

DO check out these websites for helpful intel:

Charleston County Tax Estimator

Berkeley County Tax Estimator (Daniel Island)

FEMA Flood Maps

Charleston County School Reports Cards

Important food and drink intel

DO rent for at least 6 months before you buy – this is the only way you’ll truly get to know Charleston. Meet, greet, eat and drink, exercise, play, explore, ask questions…vet us! We know you’ll like what you find.

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