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Better Get While The Gettin's Good

We were singing the same tune to Buyers just a few years back, but Seller you betta listen up: right now it is a great time to sell your home in Charleston. 

None of us, or at least very few of us, can ride two horses with one ass so there comes a time when we have to pick one horse over the other. If you’re having trouble saddling up to list your home – perhaps you’re channeling your inner winner Nyquist and want to hold out for mo’ money – it’s time to hop off that baloney pony and check this out:

  1. Real Estate is seasonal and there is no better time than the Spring to list your home. We are between two seasons of chaos – the holidays and summertime. Folks are thrilled to neither be freezing nor sweating, sunshine is plentiful, that yard of yours should be looking tight and snappy, and everyone has emerged from seasonal depression (if applicable).  We are seeing record-setting activity as it relates to prices and contracts, and historically, the market slows down a good bit the second half of the year. Seriously, selling right now is akin to finding a unicorn.

2. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone looking to buy in Charleston and most buyers are looking to move over the summer when they don’t have the pressure of school and extracurricular activities to compete with, and getting a new house in order before the next school calendar begins is a big win for mom and dad.

3. With more homes selling in the Spring, you’ll want to take advantage of the comps in your area. Selling during the on-season will only help your valuation and interest rates are still low so buyers can afford price premiums.

4. *NERD ALERT* Stats and math lovers rejoice! Market reports are here, but we skimmed it for you here:

-Supply and demand splains it all: inventory is down 21% over the same 12 month period last year
-YTD sales volume is up 7.5% and median price is up 9%
-What goes up, must come down – change is imminent! If you are a gambler you risk getting stuck; if you like a sure thing, holler at your girls: 

5. No one has a crystal ball – we obviously have many talents, but we ain’t no psychic Real Estate pros. What will happen with interest rates? How will the new president affect the market and overall economy? What if there is a stock market or global economic crisis? The future is hopefully bright, but alas, always uncertain.

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