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5 Things a Seller Should Neva Eva Do

1.      Conceal issues – It is always best to air your dirty laundry so an inspector or even your neighbors  who saw the disaster recovery truck parked out front all last week, don’t call your bluff. If you want a smooth transaction and generally prefer to avoid getting sued, it is best to come clean from the get-go, Buyers just want to know issues have been repaired. 

2.      Ignore the market – You have to face the reality of market conditions to guide the success of your home’s sale. Everyone thinks their home is going to be the unicorn of listings – it ain’t. Choose a Realtor who is going to manage your expectations and be straight with you about pricing, timing, and how long a home like yours typically stays on the market. 

3.      Overprice your home – Some agents may agree to overprice your home just to get the listing but they are doing you no favors. Letting your home sit on the market too long because it’s overpriced or dropping the price within the first few weeks will only attract the bottom feeders, preying on your false moves.  

4.      Dump a ton of money into major updates to get it market ready – Replacing door hardware, switch plates and outlet covers, burned out bulbs, and grimy looking toilet seats will go a long way and will not cost you a fortune. Most Buyers in this day and age suffer from the Goldilocks effect and your house is inevitably going to be too this or too that for their liking so let them choose their own paint colors, plumbing fixtures, countertops, etc. Don’t overthink selling your home, just de-clutter, stage it and clean it.  Don’t waste your time and money thinking that what drove you nuts will cause you to lose Buyers.  Save your pennies for your next home and let your Buyer personalize their new home. 

5.      Ignore your agent’s advice – You and your agent are a team! If your agent advises you to declutter by boxing up your snow globe collection, get rid of the plastic pink flamingos in the yard, or move furniture around for staging….do it! Selling your home is all about business so don’t let emotions drive your decision making. We are the professionals and know what Buyers are looking for. Do things right from the beginning and you’ll have a smoother, easier and more profitable transaction. 

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