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10 Things We Love About Park Circle

Fifteen years ago you wouldn’t walk around this neighborhood in daylight and now it’s a coveted hot spot for businesses looking to thrive with local support and easy-going dwellers looking to live the affordable dream. We’ve put together a list on why this neighborhood is the brightest light on the North Charleston marquee.

1. E. Montague is loaded with places to fill your whiskey leg and get you howling at the moon and then deliciously feed your hangover away the next morning.

2. Farmer’s market. All God’s children love a farmer’s market. Every Thursday from noon to 7 in the circle.

3. The original Park Circle design was conceived by the Olmstead Group, the same company that designed New York’s Central Park. Surely that deserves some kind of bragging rights.

4. Dancing Scottish gypsies. That is not a joke.  OK, maybe the gypsy part. But you can catch Scottish dancing every Thursday night in the circle. And if that’s not enough, Contra dancing is every first and third Friday night. You heard it here.

5. Two very important additions as of recent: a liquor store and an all day breakfast spot. Seems like a complete dismissal of 10th grade economics to have community without these two key players. Take a bow Park Circle, you’ve finally made it.

6. The most coveted pizza in Charleston. Get thee to EVO.

7. Olympic-sized pool at Danny Jones for $1 per swim. When is the last time you paid a dollar for anything? You can’t even get a Snickers for a $1 anymore. Swim > Snickers. That may be the only time you ever see that written.

8. Two of the best public high schools in the state are just a few blocks away: School of the Arts and Academic Magnet. Winning!

9. A handful of annual family-friendly block parties each attended by a shit-tonne of people. (Please note that’s a metric measure, not imperial.)

10. Need to get your man out of the house? Disc-golf course. Yup.

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